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  • Yanice Wood

    Yanice Wood

    I have just recently started working hard in the gym and living a better lifestyle, I currently work in childcare and have a dream of becoming a full time professional model.

  • Niall Patterson


  • Natalia Wiktorowicz

    Natalia Wiktorowicz

    I’m a fitness coach, who also competed in bodybuilding.

  • Francesca Pannullo

    Francesca Pannullo

    Hello! This is super exciting. I’m 32 and half Italian half Scottish, which you’ll agree is an interesting combination! I’ve been into sports and fitness since I was a wee girl. Practiced karate for 24 years and obtained my black belt. Ive been in various sports teams over the years including volleyball, netball, badminton, and…

  • Elyse Mitchell

    Elyse Mitchell

    I’m currently a client of Clara Swedlund & would love to do this if myself and Clara could be there at the same time. I’ve worked with Clara since January 2021, having been working towards recovery from an Eating Disorder before joining the VW Physique team. I’m an ex gymnast, who has always been involved…

  • Amber Dollin

    Amber Dollin

    I am a professional Contemporary Dancer based in Glasgow with 3/4 years modelling experience. I have also been working with a PT over the past 5ish months to improve strength.

  • Alexander Wright

    Alexander Wright

    Hey I’m Alex, former teacher now freelance model. Been modelling for over a year now and I’ve done a variety of shoots from wedding, editorial, catalogue and fitness. Happy to travel for work.

  • Clara Swedlund

    Clara Swedlund

    Online physique coach & trainee sport and exercise psychologist. Massive nerd, loves food and animals 🙂

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